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We, as 18 years power generation, transmission and distribution experienced team, are providing several services to energy sector from the PLANning stage of power generation plants to the TEST & commissioning stage.

Project Management and Consulting services for Licensed or Unlicensed Wind & Solar Energy Power Plants

Planning and Permission: Pre-feasibility report preparation, taking all necessary permission before construction period and following and reporting the process

Design and Project Preparation:  Preparation of optimum plant design according to National Energy Legislations, Public Establishments Practices and National & International standards, preparation and approval of the project process

Technical & Administrative Specification (E-BoP), Budget estimation and tender documents preparation: Optimization of Project budget according to the approved projects, time schedule and quality standards.

Preparation of Independent Third Party Assessment Reports

Project preparation, installation, testing and commissioning works for HV Power Plants

Project preparation for 380-154-34,5-22 kV SS, Collecting Systems, Primary-Secondary systems and approval of them.  

Drawings (General layout, single line, road projects etc.) and calculation file (load flow analysis, 3Ph-IPh short circuit, voltage drops, grounding etc.) preparation according to regulation of Ministry of Energy namely Project Regulation for Electrical Infrastructures.

Project Site Control and Organization of Temporary Acceptances: Continuous site control and reporting of site activities to check to compatibility of work according to approved project, national and international standards, H&S and Environmental regulation, temporary acceptance organization according to regulation of Ministry of Energy namely Acceptance Regulation for Electrical Infrastructures.

Commissioning Tests: Performing all necessary testing and commissioning activities by the support of our own team.

Operation, Maintenance and retrofitting services for HV Power Plants

In the scope of 7/24 unlimited amendatory maintenance services, failures and breakdowns are covered along with Assessment-Analysis-Reporting services; operation of the substation is guaranteed by periodic contacts. All the test procedure of the electrical devices, included in Periodic (Preventive) Maintenance Services, are done according to Employer’s needs and IEC Standards. Supervising and Consulting works for Preventive Maintenance services include installing monitoring systems and planning the maintenance. Consulting services for ensuring operating efficiency and control are provided. In this regards Project errors and Application flaws are avoided; projects are revised accordingly. Adaptations for newer systems are provided.

  • Final control-Commissioning,
  • Practical training for operation team,
  • HV Electrical power plants operation responsibility,
  • Preparation of operational procedures,
  • H&S Risk Analysis,
  • Management of spare parts,
  • 7/24 continuous corrective maintenance service,
  • Preventive maintenance service,
  • Consulting and supervision service for preventive maintenance activities,
  • Operation sustainability, performance control and increase,
  • Consultancy for retrofitting.

Test Equipments and Scope of Tests

  • Omicron CPC 100
  • Omicron CP CB2 Current Booster
  • Omicron CP TD1 Tandelta measurement transformer
  • Omicron CP CU1 Current Booster for grounding measurement
  • Omicron CMC256 Plus Metering, Protection, Power Quality test equipment
  • Omicron CIBANO 500 Circuit Breaker Timing test equipment
  • Hipotronics DC Hipot test equipment
  • Metrel Megaohm Insulation resistance measurement test equipment
  • Hipotronics Xwave cable fault location detection test equipment


Primary Tests

All primary testing activities and reporting is acting by our own test equipment. All testing activities, which are performing under our company responsibility, is acting by our own test equipment and they are compatible with TEİAŞ-TEDAŞ, IEC and IEEE standards. 

Current Transformer

  • Load, No Load Ratio Tests
  • Saturation Tests
  • Polarity Tests
  • Winding Resistance Tests
  • PF and Insulation Tests
  • Excitation Current Tests

Power Transformer

  • DC Winding Resistance Tests
  • Bushing Insulation Tests
  • TTR (Transformer Turn Ratio) Tests
  • Transformer Insulation Oil Measurement
  • PF and Insulation Tests
  • Excitation Current Tests

Voltage Transformer

  • Load, No Load Ratio Tests
  • Polarity Tests
  • PF and Insulation Tests
  • Excitation Current Tests

 Grounding Systems

  • Grounding Impedance Tests for Transformer Stations
  • Step and Touch Voltage Tests

Switchgear-Circuit Breaker

  • Switch Transresistance Tests
  • PF and Insulation Tests


Secondary Tests

Secondary testing activities and reporting is acting by our own test equipment. All testing activities, which are performing under our company responsibility, is acting by our own test equipment and they are compatible with TEİAŞ-TEDAŞ, IEC and IEEE standards.

Commissioning and Function Tests for Transformer Stations:

  • Locking and Function tests for circuit breaker, disconnecting switch
  • Transformer Own Protection Tests
  • Bucholz Protection
  • OLTC Bucholz Protection
  • Thermal Protection
  • Oil Level Control
  • Forced Cooling System Control

Measurement and Protection Device Tests:

  • Distance Protection Relay Tests
  • Over Current and Earth Fault  Relay Tests
  • Directional Overcurrent and Directional Earth Fault Relay Tests
  • Under and Over voltage Relay Tests
  • Under and Over frequency Relay Tests 
  • Differential Relay Tests 
  • Bus bar Protection and Circuit Breaker Failure Relay Tests
  • Measurement Devices and Energy Analyzer Tests
  • Energy Metering Panel Tests 
  • Synchro-Check Relay Tests
  • Relay Coordination and Short circuit calculation for transformer stations
  • Transformer Simulation Tests
  • Circuit Breaker Tests

Thermal Camera Measurement

Thermal monitoring services are given by our own thermal camera which was produced in Japan (Brand:NEC AVIO) These measurements which are essentials should be repeated once a year according to TEİAŞ standards. This measurement is in the scope of SS maintenance activities.

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